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I made this work being inspired by a surface of water. Generally, URUSHI stuff has to be admired not out door but indoor. Because direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause damage URUSHI surface. Especially ultraviolet rays cause damage seriously, if you leave it in the sunlight for a month in summer, its shine of the surface would disappear away and all the surface of layer would be collapsed.
So we generally keep URUSHI tableware in a dark place when we don't use them, but ironically URUSHI surface shows its brilliant color and shine ONLY WHEN it's in out door under the sunshine. It's really amazing, so I just wanted people to know the fact that URUSHI surface has brilliant color rather than that is seen in indoor.
Fortunately, it was rainy season in Japan at that time, although it was two weeks exhibition, there were no any serious damage on the surface after the exhibition was over. But there were some good sunny days, the surface showed its brilliant color as I expected.
I was really happy to hear many viewers were able to admire the color, which was unknown before.
In this point my intention was succeeded in a way.


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