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I was born in Kyoto, and have studied Urushi, traditional Japanese lacquer, at the Kyoto City University of Arts. After completing MA in 1996, I have been practicing as an applied artist and had series of exhibitions. I have also been teaching sculpture and computing at some art college in Kyoto. At the moment(2003) I am an artist in residence at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design in UK.

My works are sculptural forms, which are inspired by natural geometries. While using Urushi as a main material, I apply both new and traditional techniques to materialize the forms I desire. My latest method, which combines a computer application to create forms that are originated from the lines in the nature that I pick up by camera and Urushi lacquer to complete the object's surface demonstrates the new approach to contemporary crafts. (These kind of works will appear in late 2003 in UK and Tokyo.)

Urushi lacquer is a natural material (resin) that hardens by chemical reaction with moisture. As well as it reinforces surfaces, solid or hollow forms can be created by using fibre and powdered mud. Traditionally it is used to make containers, protect wooden surfaces and for decoration purposes.

What makes my works intrigue is that I use traditional material that has historical connotations and also although my work could be categorized as sculpture, my motives and methods are very much of a crafts artists' ones as the material plays a large part of my creation - it inspires me and I let the incidents caused by the material and other circumstances to help creating the end result.


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