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PRESS RELEASE --------------------------------------------8 October 2004


Kenji Toki, a hybrid practitioner with URUSHI(Japanese Lacquer) based in both London and Kyoto, has been selected to participate in the Chelsea Crafts Fair 2004. The prestige fair, which celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, takes place at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Road, London SW3 from 12th-24th October 2004(closed Monday 18th October). Chelsea is Europe's Finest Craft Fair, renowned for the high quality of the craftsmanship and diversity of the exhibits.

It is the first time that Kenji Toki has been selected for the event in the week-2 starts from 19th, and will be showing a new series of URUSHI sculptural work entitled "Latency" and also is the first time for Chelsea to have an URUSHI exhibit. The work is made of photosensitive resin by the aid of CAD and rapidprototyping (usually used in industrial processing) in his distinctive colour of brilliant organic red.

I am really exited about taking part in the Chelsea Crafts Fair. It is fantastic to be selected for such a high quality event which attracts visitors, buyers and collectors from all over the world. It is a showcase and I hope to achieve some special commissions as well. I will be exceptionally busy whilst I prepare for Chelsea - I will probably have to take on some additional help," says Kenji Toki.

He has been working as a contemporary craft practitioner exploring representation of URUSHI with diverse materials and measures such as carbon fibre and photography and exhibiting internationally since 1995 after finished MA at Kyoto City University of Fine Art. He has been undertaking the research into CAD and rapid prototyping since 2002 in the UK and how these techniques can be applied and utilized within a craft and sculptural practice, especially in relation to URUSHI work. As an internationally active and respected craft practitioner, he has been a pioneer of this area and is part of an international network in "Hybrid Practice". His work has been selected for the international conference entitled "Challenging Craft" held in Aberdeen, Scotland 2004 that focuses on new perspective of "Hybrid Practice" and the implications of new technology for craft. His work has established a particular position in the area and has been regarded distinctive from other work in terms of the quality of its process through digital and hand practice.

The URUSHI skill and culture is quite unique to Japan, however, this truly organic liquid material has distinctive tactility and sensuality, not seen either in other materials or in digital, and requires acquisition of skill of painting, which needs comparatively minute, precise, and strict training that is representative of hand-practice-based disciplines in contrast with digital measures. The final pieces with URUSHI-finish possess a distinctive atmosphere, all the more because the form is created by the use of digital technology.


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