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14/04/2005 Set up blog page.

Past Events
16/02/05 up Art & Interiors has started to deal with my works.
05/Jan/05 up 2005 Seminar Series at Daiwa Foundation Japan House
Wednesday 19 January 2005
British Crafts and Japan
Seminar, 6.00pm -8.00pm
Contributors: Barbara Jones, Kenji Toki, Dr Rupert Faulkner (chair)
Press release
16/09/04 up
[Chelsea Craft Fair 2004] : Europe's Finest Crafts Fair Presented by the Crafts Council
  [WINDOW GALLERY AT CANARY WHARF'S RETAIL MALL] Selected as one of 25 exhibitors to celebrate the 25 th anniversary of the Chelsea Craft Fair. 
29/01/04 up Download brochure of "Latency", from here. 



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