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The Stereolithography (SLA) process converts a design into a solid object by building up thin layers of material. A three dimensional CAD (Computer Assisted Design) model of the desired part is sliced, in software, in to a series of adjacent 2D slices. This data is used to control a laser beam that draws each slice of the model, in turn, onto the surface of a tank of photosensitive resin. Where the laser beam strikes, the resin is instantaneously cured to a solid.

The model is build on to a platform within the resin tank. At the start of the process the platform is positioned just below the surface of the resin. The first layer of the model, the base, is drawn by the laser to form a solid layer, typically 0.1 mm thick.

The platform then descent in the bath to allow new liquid resin to cover the cured layer and the next model slice is constructed above it. In this way the whole of the model is built from the base up.

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